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Can I safely remove a load bearing wall?

The existing living room in my small cottage house is an old porch add-on. I would like to remove the wall that separates the ad-on living room from the rest of the house and replace the load bearing wall with a large header, which will open up the entire floor plan. Unfortunately because of the low ceiling height, I don't think I have enough head room for the header. Is there a way to bury the header in the ceiling cavity?

Can Removing Old Lapboard Impact the Structural Integrity of My Home?

I am in the process of tearing out my kitchen for a remodel and I am concerned I might be ripping out essential components of the walls. Should I rip the lapboard I see under the sheetrock out, or do I need to leave it in?

What is the Best Way to Remove a Fiberglass Shower Unit From a Bathroom?

What is the best way to remove a one piece fiberglass tub and shower from my bathroom?

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