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Does a new deck need to be built on concrete footings?

I want to add a deck onto my house. Is it okay to use pressure treated wood that sits on compacted dirt and stones, or do I need to install concrete footings or piers?

What is Best in Patio Deck Materials

We have heat and rain in the summer here in Port St. Lucie and cool temperatures in the winter. Would treated wood or manufactured products be best for an outdoor patio deck?

Enclosing a Patio

I already have a concrete patio that is attached to my home, no concrete work needed, but also no roof. I am wondering approximate cost of covering and screening in this area. Shed type roof (slant) not hip and gable, if I hire someone to do this. I prefer wood, not aluminum as I live in Alabama and we get alot of storms/wind. It is 14 feet x 23 feet, and will be attached to my home. Thank you!

How to Extend a Patio

I want to enlarge the size of my concrete patio in San Antonio. How do I pour additional concrete to tie into the existing patio and make sure I have good drainage?

Why does my composite deck make loud 'cracking' sounds in the winter?

I don't know the brand of decking as we just bought the house and this is our first winter here. The composite material used in our deck makes loud cracking sounds, like a rifle shot, when the temp is below zero. This happens with no set frequency - sometimes twice an hour for a few hours, or maybe not at all for a whole day. What is causing this, and more importantly, is this affecting the soundness of the deck? What can we do to fix this? Thank you!

Sunroom Additions vs. Room Additions

I've recently decided that I want to add on a sunroom to the back of our home. It's a big project but I'd like to take it on myself to save costs. My biggest concern is meeting city code requirements. Is the process different for a sunroom than for standard additions?

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