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Requirements for a crawlspace foundation

I want to build a home that sits on a crawlspace foundation. 2 Questions: How much space is needed between the bottom of the floor joists and the ground? Also, what size should the cement footing be if the stem walls will be built from standard concrete blocks? Thanks.

How can I fix my home's floors so that they don't squeak?

Hello, I have an old house and the floors are a little bouncy and squeaky. Upon inspection, I noticed that the house doesn't even have plywood subfloors, but rather has 2x6 boards on top of the floors joists (which are 3 1/2 feet apart). Can you tell me how to make my floor stop being cricketty? I can feel the 2x6's bowing when I walk on them.

Correct way to insulate your crawl space

My house was built in 1994. I already have unfaced insulation in my crawl space running North to South. Can I put more insulation running East to West over the existing insulation? If so, what kind should I purchase? I was told by one sales person at Lowes that I can get R-13 (faced) and install it over the existing insulation with the faced part down. Then on another day another sales person at Lowes told me that I should install a moisture barrier and then I could use non faced insulation. I do not have a moisture barrier under my house and now I'm confused to what to do. The ultimate goal is to insulate my crawl space properly. What is the proper way to do it to keep my energy cost very very low?

How to insulate and ventilate a crawlspace

My home has a crawl space which is damp and cold. I want to insulate the floor for better comfort inside the house, how is the best way to do this?

How deep should a foundation be for my room addition?

I am looking to expand with a room addition. It will be one story, 20 x 24 with 2' crawl space. How deep should the foundation be?

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