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What should be done with cracks in joints of new concrete driveway?

I had a concrete driveway poured one year ago, and it has developed cracks in between the seam joints. The actual pad is not cracked, just in the depression between the pads. I assume this is not a good thing and something should be done, like caulk or sealant to prevent water, and around here, ice from making them worse. The largest crack is about 1/8 wide. Is this something I should take up with the contractor on the job to repair or make good on?

How to Repair Cracks and Dents in Siding

A tornado ripped through our Springfield, Missouri neighborhood last year. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but our home suffered some siding damage. Most of the problem stems from debris hitting the siding, which led to cracks and in a few cases, a serious dent. Can I repair the cracks and dents in my siding, or do I have to replace each damaged piece?

Old Crumbling Kitchen Needs Lots of Help

I bought a 1 bedroom house. I understand it was originally a tool shed, turned into a small maid's quarters. This part is now my kitchen, with cabinets, pantry from IKEA and a dining room. There is a back door in the kitchen... all of this part is on cracked slab. Then after the dining room you go up to 3 small steps to the rest of the house, which is on blocks. I live in Texas and called one of the country's leading slab systems companies. They said that there is no rebarb and the slab is about 6" thick all the way through, no header. He could not help. What can we do, on a very limited budget? Help!

Mortar Repair On a Slate Home

My husband has notice a lot of crackes in the mortar and while pushing in on the sides of the house notices the wall may move. What do you suggest for repair.

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