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Upgrading to a stainless steel sink

My Corian sink is mounted under the kitchen countertops. What do I have to do to change out this type of sink and install a stainless steel one?

Kitchen Remodeling Traffic Problem in Oklahoma City

My kitchen is U-shaped, 14-by-14, with tons of counter space on three sides, but a poor work triangle. I walk around the built-in island constantly. I'd like to ditch the island, move the refrigerator across the room near the range, and put a broom closet where the refrigerator is. I'd replace the vinyl flooring with tile, and put a round, 2-person bistro set in the middle. The range wall has no plumbing. With medium range choices, should my kitchen remodeling budget be $20,000, $30,000, or (hopefully not) more?

Should a Kitchen Design Include an Island?

We've lived in our house in Colorado for 20 years and I'm finally redoing the kitchen. As I'm planning the kitchen design, I can't decide whether to install an island. We've got the space but how much expense does an island add to a remodel? Is it worth the cost?

How Can I Screen Kitchen Counter Mess From View While Dining?

Our mild climate in Santa Barbara, CA, encourages informal entertaining. When dining inside, the food prep mess on the kitchen counter is visible to my guests. The counter has a same-level breakfast bar on the dining room side which is seldom used. How can I attractively screen the kitchen counter yet still interact with my guests while I'm cooking?

Can New Laminate for Kitchen Countertops Be Applied Over existing Laminate?

Some of my Chatanooga, TN, kitchen countertops were scoured too hard and have scratches. I'm thinking of replacing them myself, as I made laminate countertops for my workshop. Can new laminate be applied over existing, or must I also make new kitchen countertops?

Old Kitchen Counter Needs New Tile

I bought an older ranch home that has a pink tile kitchen counter. I like the look of tile, but this kitchen clearly needs updating and I want a counter that looks more modern. What new tile materials or styles should I consider?

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