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Are contractors willing to give estimates on houses that you do not own?

My wife and I are considering purchasing a house that is need of interior and exterior repairs, but we are unsure of the cost to complete these repairs. The home's below market price reflects its degraded condition, so it could be a perfect fixer upper/investment. Will a contractor give a work estimate on a house we don't even own yet?

What is the Cost of a Torch Down Roof Replacement?

I am contractor currently bidding on a roofing project. I haven't done a roof in 15 years and need to know what to charge. The bid is for a 20 square foot torch down roof over an old hot tar roof. It is a simple 2 ply torch go over the existing structure, however there will be some simple cut work involved.

Demolition: Is fixed price the standard?

The estimate does not label anything as either T&M, or FP, but he gave me t he hourly wage requirements up front, and asked me to pay material vendors directly. Which led me to believe this was obviously a T&M situation. I feel that paying him another 5K is essentially him stealing from us. Which of us is right?

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