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Can I get by with framing on 2' centers or will I need 16" centers?

I'm building an outbuilding on my property that will be approximately 20x40 with an attic for storage, can I get by with framing on 2' centers or will I need 16" centers?

How Do You Plan for Water Runoff When Engineering Daylight Basements?

Two friends here in Santa Cruz, CA, have homes built on slopes. One site is rocky, one more earthen. Both have had major water intrusion from heavy rainstorms into their daylight basements. I'll be building on a lot similar to the rocky one. Should I forget a basement and just put the house on columns of some sort?

Getting Started with House Additions

With our third child on the way, we really need more room but can't afford to upgrade to a larger home. I feel completely intimidated by the idea of adding on to our home. Where do I start when thinking about possible house additions?

How to Build a Sunroom

I want to build a sunroom off my family room for entertaining. How complicated is it to build a sunroom? Can I purchase a prefabricated sunroom that is easily assembled, or is it better to have the sunroom custom-designed to fit my home's architecture?

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