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Can I remove my house's second level in order to create a taller ceiling height in my living room?

I want to remove a second floor bedroom above the living room that is on the first floor of my house so that I can create a higher ceiling for the living room? Is this possibe, what are the pitfalls?

Can my contractor charge profit and overhead on change orders that give me credit?

Although our construction budget had a line item for an $8000 metal roof, we instead chose a $2000 shingle roof. Our contractor is still charging us profit and overhead on the $8000 line item, is this fair?

The fence post split, and so did the contractor

The contractor who installed my shadowbox fence used some fence posts that were split and in bad shape. The job looks shabby and the contractor is unwilling to do anything about it, what are my options?

Are contractors willing to give estimates on houses that you do not own?

My wife and I are considering purchasing a house that is need of interior and exterior repairs, but we are unsure of the cost to complete these repairs. The home's below market price reflects its degraded condition, so it could be a perfect fixer upper/investment. Will a contractor give a work estimate on a house we don't even own yet?

Sunroom Designs to Compliment a Master Bedroom

Outside our Jacksonville master bedroom is a flat roof. We would like to make it a sunroom--it's a lovely space overlooking the pool. I'm not even sure where to look for sunroom designs. Are there sunroom designs that can be accomplished with our situation for about $30,000?

Filing a Complaint Against a Contractor

Apparently our contractor has not paid his subs. I filed a complaint with the CSLB in Sacramento, but we're hounded by collectors. What else can we do?

In-wall gas heating system with a thermostat?

Where can I buy an in-wall gas heating system with a thermostat?

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