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What is the Cost of a Torch Down Roof Replacement?

I am contractor currently bidding on a roofing project. I haven't done a roof in 15 years and need to know what to charge. The bid is for a 20 square foot torch down roof over an old hot tar roof. It is a simple 2 ply torch go over the existing structure, however there will be some simple cut work involved.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay Per Square Foot for a Paint Job?

I am currently painting my home, and am curious what the price I should expect to pay per square foot.

What is the Average Cost for a Drywall Project?

How much should an average drywall project cost?

Cost for Electrical Upgrade

We live in an older home in Richmond and want to replace the knob-and-tube wiring. Can you give us a ballpark estimate for electrical labor? We took a few bids and the hourly is much too high. Can you suggest a good source for getting more competitive bids?

Contractor Markups on a Home Addition

I'm suffering from sticker shock on the bids for a kitchen remodel and a new small bedroom addition. Two contractors have bidded with more than a 20 percent markup on materials. Is this a reasonable markup on a home addition or should I keep getting estimates?

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