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Connect new concrete slab to existing slab

How will my contractor connect the new concrete slabs on the right side to the existing two slabs on the left side?

How do I cover or get rid of concrete "frosting" on my concrete block house?

My house is concrete block built in 1951. it has this "frosting" on the front of the house that is decorative. I'd like to be able to fill it in to make a smooth surface or remove it. I'm not sure what it is made of, other than it feels like concrete itself.

What is the recommended, repair or replacement, for bulging concrete walls?

Is repair possible or replacement necessary for two inward bulging concrete block walls of an integral garage? They are also pushed in from their foundation approximately 3" of the 8" blocks? The bulge starts is half-way up, which is underground. Also, what would be the typical cost for both procedures?

Removing Concrete Stains for a San Diego Home Addition

I want to remodel the garage into an extra bedroom. I think we'll cover the concrete with laminate, but until we get the money for that, I want to get out the oil stains. There all kinds of detergents including TSP, but I was told there's a motorized deep cleaner that you can rent for the job. Do you know about them?

What needs to be done for a basement floor that cracked open due to water pressure?

What needs to be done for a basement floor that cracked open due to water pressure from all the rain? The rain that has caused a multitude of problems for homeowners everywhere has caused us a problem with our basement. The basement floor craked open and has water gushing from beneath the concrete. What needs to be done and at what costs?

Affordable Patio Materials Options

I would like to replace my boring concrete patio with something more aesthetic and natural looking but don't want to spend a lot of money. What would you suggest for a home in the dry, hot, Phoenix climate?

Can concrete steps be patched?

Concrete steps need patching on edges and where the step meets the rise. Are rods necessary where forms are used on edges? Is only a paching patching compound necessary, an added mixture, and will it hold?

How to Extend a Patio

I want to enlarge the size of my concrete patio in San Antonio. How do I pour additional concrete to tie into the existing patio and make sure I have good drainage?

Solve My Wet Basement Nightmare

Every time we get a substantial rain, I can always count on at least a half-inch of rain in my basement. I've applied concrete sealant to the walls, but it doesn't seem to help. Where should I be looking to find the leak source that is causing my wet basement?

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