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How do I repair a cracked grout line where old concrete meets new concrete?

We had a professional contractor remodel our home 5 years a go. At the time, we had a sunken living room which the contractor filled with concrete in order to bring it to the same level as the rest of the house. We had ceramic tile laid on top of the concrete. Over the years, the grout line has separated where the original concrete meets the new concrete. I have removed the cracked grout line but am not sure what to do to prevent any new grout from cracking in the future. Someone suggested mixing cement grout with caulk. The grout lines are only 1/8". Thanks for your help.

Can you relocate plumbing drain pipes in a concrete slab?

Our home is on a concrete slab and we want to change the floor plan. We would like to relocate the shower and the washer/dryer to new locations, but don't know if this is possible? Can we relocate plumbing drain pipes that are currently fixed in the concrete slab? What other obstacles are there to this type of remodeling project? Thanks!

Why are the sole plates for my finished basement walls recessed into the cement floor?

I recently pulled some drywall off an interior basement wall to expose the sole plate of the wall framing. I was surprised to see that the 2x4 sole plate was recessed into the basement floor about 3/4". Is this normal? Any ideas why the home builder might have done this?

What Can I Do About a Rising Sidewalk Slab?

One of my sidewalk squares has risen about six inches on one side. What could be causing this, and can I fix the problem myself?

Slab Repair

I live in Gilbert Arizona my problem is this: inside at the rear of the house where the slab butts against the stem wall the slab has raised about 3/4 to 1 inch up. this is the only area in the house that it has happened. What course of action can be taken to correct this problem?

Replacing Water Damaged Floors

I had a leak/flood recently, had to get rid of old linoleum and carpet. Now the concrete floor is exposed. Fans dried out the place for 4-6 days. I want to put engineered wood flooring on top of the concrete slab. Due to the moisture from flood, do you recommend just a moisture barrier sealer, or sheetings before putting on the flooring? How about plywood first? The place was soaked overnight. Moisture crept up walls 8 inches. I heard it's good to put plywood planks first, or a vapour barrier to seal concrete first. For the sealer, the flooring guy wants $1000, isn't that excessive?

Do I Need A Foundation Under A Small Bike Shed?

I want to buy a prebuilt small shed (8x12) for bikes and garbage cans. It will be delivered to my house. Do I need to put it on a cement foundation, or is there a cheaper option?

How flat should a floor be for large tiles?

My wife and I tried to use a cement self leveling underlay on the concrete slab in our kitchen to prep for tiling 18'' tiles. Unfortunately, we did it in 2 batches because we misread the coverage and ended up with hills and valleys. In the worst spots the tile moves about 1/8''-3/16'' when pushed down on certain corners. Would it be safe to go ahead and lay the tiles? Should we try to flatten the floor more? Also, do I need to use concrete sealer before tiling?

How can I seal my basement to keep it from leaking?

I have a basement wall that has been leaking for years. It is built out of poured concrete floor and cinderblock walls. It is underground about six feet in depth. Outside it has a concrete skirting 8-12 feet around three sides. We have tried using KILZ on the inside wall several times. I feel that it will have to be resealed from the outside. Looking for options and opinions. The size of the basement is 60 feet wide and 120 feet long.

Old Crumbling Kitchen Needs Lots of Help

I bought a 1 bedroom house. I understand it was originally a tool shed, turned into a small maid's quarters. This part is now my kitchen, with cabinets, pantry from IKEA and a dining room. There is a back door in the kitchen... all of this part is on cracked slab. Then after the dining room you go up to 3 small steps to the rest of the house, which is on blocks. I live in Texas and called one of the country's leading slab systems companies. They said that there is no rebarb and the slab is about 6" thick all the way through, no header. He could not help. What can we do, on a very limited budget? Help!

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