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How deep should a house's sewer line be buried?

The old sewer line from my house to the curb has collapsed and I want to replace it with new PVC. Because the pipe exits from my house only 6 inches below the ground surface, I am worried about it freezing in the winter. Is this sewer line to shallow? Any suggestions?

Was My Concrete Foundation Poured Correctly?

I am building a home and planned a 9 foot square concrete foundation for the basement. The contractor came and completed the pour, however, when I measured floor to joist it measured at 8'6". The builder said that the slightly smaller measurement is typical for cement pours. Is this true?

Can a New Foundation Survive a Cold Winter?

I just had a foundation for a garage installed. I will not be able to finish the structure this summer as planned. Can I leave this new foundation over the winter?

Do I Need A Foundation Under A Small Bike Shed?

I want to buy a prebuilt small shed (8x12) for bikes and garbage cans. It will be delivered to my house. Do I need to put it on a cement foundation, or is there a cheaper option?

Can I get some advice on replacing my metal basement windows?

The windows are embedded in the poured concrete foundation. I have removed one of the widows and the opening in the foundation is 31 1/4 in. wide by 21 in. high. The height is not a problem. My problem is that all of the windows that I have seen in stores are 32 in. wide. Will I have to order special or are there 28/29 in. wide windows out there?

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