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How can I install ceramic tile over exterior concrete?

We have a concrete patio in our back yard that we would like to cover with ceramic tiles. How can I attach the tiles to the existing concrete patio? Can I use regular grout to to fill the gaps in the tile?

How do I repair a cracked grout line where old concrete meets new concrete?

We had a professional contractor remodel our home 5 years a go. At the time, we had a sunken living room which the contractor filled with concrete in order to bring it to the same level as the rest of the house. We had ceramic tile laid on top of the concrete. Over the years, the grout line has separated where the original concrete meets the new concrete. I have removed the cracked grout line but am not sure what to do to prevent any new grout from cracking in the future. Someone suggested mixing cement grout with caulk. The grout lines are only 1/8". Thanks for your help.

How Can I Successfully Refurbish a 40-year-old Tile Floor?

I have ceramic tile in my foyer that was installed in 1970. It needs a good cleaning and there are a few broken tiles, but otherwise seems to be in good condition. Can this old floor be refurbished? I like it and would like to keep it, but most of my neighbors have replaced theirs.

Will tiled decks crack when it freezes?

Our cement decks are covered only by open ramadas. We'd like something more attractive than the cement, like stone-textured ceramic tile. Will they crack during our many winter nights below 15 degrees?

Ceramic tile vs. Natural stone: Which is best in the bathroom?

I would like to install a new bathroom floor and have not decided if it will be ceramic tile or natural stone. Although I'm impressed with some floors I have seen of both, my main concerns are longevity and safety. Which do you recommend? The dimensions are fairly clean cut at 9x15. Since the home is older, built in the late 70's, should I strengthen the sub-floor using 3/4 inch thick tiles even though no problems are present?

What is the best flooring option for a kitchen which is over a basement?

We have ceramic tiles now, and half are cracked. Reasons we were given so far: beams in basement ceiling are too wide, improperly install. We want to redo the floors but want to make sure we pick the right option for this situation.

Cracked Kitchen Flooring

I cropped a big cast iron Dutch oven on my kitchen floor and cracked and chipped a ceramic tile. I can't find a similar tile. What do you suggest as a repair?

Will the original kitchen flooring have to be removed?

Part of my kitchen upgrade is to replace the linoleum floor with ceramic tiles. I plan on pulling the current floor then securing any creaking areas before putting in the ceramic. I spoke with a contractor who said this can be done without removing the old floor. Is it necessary to remove the linoleum? This is the original floor from when I built the home 18 years ago.

What type of drill bit can be used to cut-in holes on ceramic for wall/shower plumbing?

What type of drill bit can be used to cut-in holes on ceramic for wall/shower plumbing? I Need to cut holes in ceramic tile for pedestal sink plumbing and shower components. Can a Rotozip be used? If so, what bit? Any info you can pass along would be great. Thanks!

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