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Heat Pump Installation Costs for a 1950's Ranch House

I have a 1950's ranch that does not have central heat and air. I would like a ballpark figure for installation. It has an attic (which is pretty much fully floored and great for storage) and a crawl space which you do crawl in to navigate it (don't know if there is enough room for ductwork in there). Currently it has a hot water system and registers to heat the house (there is gas to heat the water). I don't know if a gas system (since there is already gas available) would be best and more cost efficient or if an electrical system for air and heat is best. I would also need ductwork installed. Thank you

Cost of Putting in Central Air

For years we've tolerated the heat here in Napa with a swamp cooler and now I want to put in central air. The home is a 1950s ranch style house. I'm a rookie in home additions or improvements. Can you tell me the cost of installing central air and whether it affects the structural integrity of the roof or other parts of the house?

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