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Room Addition Gone Wrong, Un-leveled Floors

We had added on a room to our home. At the time we didn't have money to do it totally right. Half of the flooring is concrete and the rest is wood. The problem is that it's not leveled where the concrete floor and wood floor meet. Is there a way to get it leveled with out tearing things out. Some type of cement product? It is a bedroom and the cement is on the ground of the house; the wood has crawl space under it.

Recreation Room Flooring Choice for Basement Remodeling

Our home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has a large, open basement that we want to remodel into a recreation room for our kids. It has a cement floor, but the finish isn't real smooth. Our kids love to roller blade. What are the relative costs of smoothing the cement floor versus installing some other tough floor for our basement remodeling?

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