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Finding a stud in a Popcorn Ceiling

I am trying to hang a 10lb object from my ceiling. I have popcorn ceilings and a flat roof. My stud finder is not helping, I even measured 16" from the south and the west walls and tried putting a nail up to see if I could find it and no stud. How do I find a stud? Do I even need to secure it into one at that weight? Thanks!

Cost Estimate to Repair Familiy Room Ceiling Drywall

The drywall is 12x12 feet. Water damaged ceiling. It will required removal and replacement and painting.

How To Fix a Hole In the Ceiling

We have a hole in our living room ceiling caused by a leak in the bathroom above it. How do we cut that part out, fix the leak, the put up the new ceiling area without it looking like there was work on it?

What size steel I-beam do I need for ceiling project?

I have a floor with about a 1 and 1/2 sag in the middle. It has a bedroom above. I want to install a steel I-beam and span the 24 foot ceiling, removing the center post opening up the entire room. What size I-beam do I need to do this? Above the center post are 4 2x8s running the span of the ceiling.

How do you plaster over a popcorn ceiling?

Can I put another layer of plaster once the ceiling has been primed for painting? I can still see dimples but I don't want the plaster to fall. Will it stick on a ceiling that has primer on it? And how many coates can I put on the ceiling? Thanks

Kitchens With Dropped Ceilings

Several kitchens in my neighborhood, including mine, have dropped ceilings with translucent ceiling panels and fluorescent bulbs. The rest of the kitchens around me have upgraded to canned lighting and I want to do the same. I can spend a weekend and easily take down the ceiling but the electrical job is a different issue. How much should I budget to have canned lighting installed?

My radiators are knocking. What can I do?

My radiators are knocking. They make a lot of noise. It is like water is rushing through the ceiling. What could be the problem?

What is "double knockdown" finish?

I have removed my popcorn ceiling finish am about to apply knockdown finish to my ceilings, which I know how to do. I have heard that the newer homes in this area have a "double knockdown" finish. Exactly what is this, and how is it applied ?

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