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What Can I Do to Replace the Bottom 6" of Cedar Shake to Eliminate Rot?

I recently bought a 1940s home in Kansas City. The cedar shake siding on the back of the house currently rests on the concrete walkway/driveway along the back of the house and is beyond repair. What can I do to replace the siding and prevent future rot?

Painting Over Stained Exterior Wood

The Norwich, Rhode Island, home we recently purchased has stained cedar siding which has weathered unevenly. We'd like to paint the exterior a similar color to the stain so it will look more uniform. Can this be done successfully?

Are there any upsides to using oil stain versus acrlyic latex stain?

As I talk with painters about re-staining the exterior of my cedar sided home, everyone recommends latex stain... Over the years I always used oil... there must be some advantages to oil over latex?

Cost Estimate for Restaining Cedar Siding

We are looking to re-stain the exterior of our house. have about 1900 sq.ft. of cedar siding that needs re-staining. What's the approximate cost these days?

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