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How can I cover wood stairs with carpet?

The wood steps in our condo are very noisy when someone walks on them so I want to cover them with carpeting. The lower steps are open, and the upper steps have risers between the treads. What type of carpeting and pad should I use to cover them? How do I attach the carpeting to the steps? Thank you.

How do I get rid of "rolls" in my carpet?

After our home was built we discovered the contractor pocketed a lot of the money, didn't pay the contractors so when we had problems they wouldn't come back and fix them. The guys that laid the carpet put down too much and created "rolls" or "little hills" in the carpet. Is there a way to fix this myself?

How To Lay Carpet Tiles on Wood Floor

I have a small cabin and want to install carpet tiles on the plywood floor. The plywood has been down for about five years. We use area rugs for carpet. How do I prep the floor for carpet tiles? Keep in mind the floor in spots did not have any rug so its been walked on.

Mysterious Hardwood Flooring Under Carpet

My house was built in 1983. Under the carpets are wide (not narrow) wood planks with grooves beneathe them. Was this meant to be a substratum for carpets or other flooring? Or is this hardwood that could be cleaned to function as flooring?

I would like to change the carpet in my basement, but it is glued down.

I have done a lot of work in my 40 year old house and all i have left is my basement rug. The rug is like an indoor - outdoor rug and it is glued down, yep glued down. I want to replace it but don't know how to get the old rug up. I need to replace it with something that can be picked up because in the spring my sump pump does work a lot at keeping water out!

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