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Can a homeowner aquire permits for drywall and other light renovation?

Can a homeowner acquire permits for drywall, light carpentry, and painting renovations to a house? Nearly all drywall has to be replaced and some carpentry work as well as full painting needed for renovations in the state of Kentucky.

How to Cut Wood Veneer

I'd like to dress up the kitchen cabinets with veneer. It's a small kitchen, so I want to do the work on my own. I also know a good supplier of bird's eye maple. I want to know the right way to cut it without ruining any pieces. A carpenter friend said I should use his variable speed rotary saw. I thought you can cut cabinet pieces with a utility knife.

Is pine O.K. to use to replace the fascia boards on a house?

I hired a carpenter to replace all the rotten wood on my house before having it painted. The painter told me the carpenter used pine to replace the fascia boards. He told me pine is not ideal to use on the exterior of a house...it is too soft. I told the carpenter I wanted him to use good wood and treated wood where possible. Later when I confronted the carpenter and relayed to him what I was told about pine, he told me there are different qualities of pine and the higher end pine was O.K. to use to replace the fascia. What say you?

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