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Crown Molding in Our Remodeled Kitchen

We remodeled the kitchen in our Washington state home, and it's time to replace damaged crown molding. I'd like to install it around the edges of the cabinets, but I can't get the angles right. Should all the pieces be cut in a miter box?

How to Remove Cabinets for Replacement

We are replacing the old kitchen cabinets in our Sioux Falls home, and we would prefer to do the removal ourselves. However, the cabinets have numerous layers of paint to contend with before we can reach the screws to disassemble them. What's the easiest route to take in removing these cabinets?

How do we prepare old cabinets for re-painting?

We have an 1932 Maryland home with solid wood cabinets in the kitchen. We don't want to get rid of the cabinets because they are in good shape, but the white paint is peeling and chipping. How can we go about preparing the cabinets for a new coat of paint? Do we need to strip the paint down to the wood first before painting?

How big should a storage shed be to store garden tools?

We live in Elmira, NY and our garage no longer has any storage space left. It is overflowing our cars, the kids' skiing equipment, our snow blower, lawn mower and two snowmobiles. We desperately need room for our garden equipment and would like to purchase a storage shed. What are the dimensions and types of storage cabinets you recommend for an array of garden tools, a lawn mower, bags of mulch, etc.?

Cutting Costs on Bathroom Cabinets

We want to redo the bathroom in our Portsmouth condo, but the cabinet costs are prohibitve. Instead of custom sets, are there cheaper off-the shelf products?

Planning a New Kitchen Remodel in an Old Farmhouse

My husband and I love our 85-year-old farmhouse near Iowa City but we don't love the outdated kitchen. We believe the previous owners remodeled the space in the 1970s so it's due for an update. Any tips for planning a kitchen remodel that brings the character back to our home?

What Are Some Lower-cost Alternatives for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

We're going to put our Naples, Florida home on the market and must fix the kitchen first. The very dark cabinets are sound but have dated doors styles. What kitchen cabinet refacing ideas would lighten and update the room?

How Difficult is Refacing Cabinets?

I have recently put new countertops, appliances, and flooring in my kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina. Now I need to do something with the cabinets, but my budget is very slim. Is re-facing cabinets a good option if the basic structure is sound? How do I go about re-facing them to match the rest of the decor?

Can White Euro-style Kitchen Cabinets be Refinished?

The Fort Collins, CO, home I purchased has Euro-style kitchen cabinets with a horizontal oak strip across the kitchen cabinet doors. I dislike the white, preferring wood or color. I can't afford to replace the cabinets. What are my options?

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

My wife recently suggested kitchen cabinet refacing as a way of updating our kitchen without the cost of starting from scratch. What's the difference between simply painting or re-staining the cabinets and refacing them?

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