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What is the average price for refacing kitchen cabinets?

My kitchen has a row of 5 base cabinets and 5 wall cabinets. What might it cost to have someone reface the cabinets with laminate? Thank you.

Kitchen Needs Cabinet Refacing to Resist Wheelchair Dings

Our medium-grade oak cabinets have simple rectangular raised panels. The lower ones are scratched and dinged from our rambunctious 8-year old's wheelchair. What type of cabinet refacing would be more impact-resistant, and roughly what would it cost for 20 linear feet of lower cabinets only? We'd use laminate for new countertops.

Cabinet Refacing in a Dark Kitchen

My old house in downtown Flagstaff, Az. has painted dark metal cabinets. Is cabinet refacing possible with metal? I'd like to order new metal cabinet doors and repaint the cabinet cases. If the costs are similar, I'll instead scrap the cabinets and order assemble-yourself cabinets from Home Depot, though I'm concerned about cabinet installation. Which way is most cost-effective?

Covering new cabinet cases with laminate

I am refacing my cabinets. I'm going to order new doors for my kitchen cabinets and cover the painted cases with laminate: does all the paint have to be removed first? Will the laminate form a good bond with the previously painted cases?

Cabinet Refacing Versus Replacing For Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen in my Opelika, Alabama, home has painted cabinets with plain slab doors. I'd love to have natural wood cabinets, though my budget is modest. How much more would it cost for some new contractor-grade cabinets versus cabinet refacing with new contractor grade doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and laminate applied to the cases?

Upgrading Hinges for Cabinet Refacing

We'd like to reface the cabinets in our farm house near Spokane, Washington, with new doors. The old sagging hinges are visible on the outside when the doors are shut. If we get a door style with hidden hinges, will the old screw holes be visible?

Can you lighten the stain on kitchen cabinets?

My kitchen cabinets are stained a darker walnut and I would like to lighten the color. This isn't new stain they have been finished 20 years ago. I would prefer not to paint the cabinets.

Special Glass for Cabinet Refacing

I've seen textured and patterned uncolored glass used as elements in leaded glass windows. A herringbone pattern really appeals to me. Is it possible to get doors for refacing cabinets in our Napa, California, home that would have solid sheets of such glass inserted in the frames?

Are RTF Laminates Good Enough?

I'm trying to cost out a new set of kitchen cabinets and drawers. A friend said he had decent wear resistance from his RTF laminate cabinet job. How does the RTF compare with plastic? We live in California. Cheapest is not always best when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

The Cost of Cabinet Panel Failure

I thought the panels in the kitchen cabinets looked a little swollen, but now a carpenter tells me that three are actually buckled. I don't think anything cosmetic can help. Am I looking at a total cabinet replacement, or can the existing cabinet doors be fixed and matched correctly? Is the savings of repair over replacement worth considering?

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