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Cabinet Refacing in a Dark Kitchen

My old house in downtown Flagstaff, Az. has painted dark metal cabinets. Is cabinet refacing possible with metal? I'd like to order new metal cabinet doors and repaint the cabinet cases. If the costs are similar, I'll instead scrap the cabinets and order assemble-yourself cabinets from Home Depot, though I'm concerned about cabinet installation. Which way is most cost-effective?

Repurposing old kitchen cabinets for child's room storage

We're replacing old kitchen cabinets. There are three of the same size that I could paint, stack vertically, and use as toy storage in my toddler's bedroom. How can I make this cabinet installation safe and attractive?

Do I need a wall or can the cabinets be attached to the ceiling?

I want to put a slide-in stove where there isn't a wall. I would also like cabinets on either side. The question is, do I need a wall or can the cabinets be attached to the ceiling and if so do they need to be supported underneath too? Or do I just need to put up a wall?

Cabinet Installation in a Yolo, California, Home Art Studio

I've ordered inexpensive cabinets to turn my third, drywalled garage bay into an art studio. I can assemble the cabinets. There will be 16 linear feet of standard upper and lower cabinets. Countertops will be polyurethane plywood. Where do I find installers, and what's a ball park price for countertop and cabinet installation?

Is OK to tile an entire kitchen and place cabinets over them?

Yes it is okay to install cabinets over tile. A cracked tile that is half covered by a cabinet can be replaced just as any tile would, it will just take a little bit more work. As with any tile install, I would recommend that a crack isolation membrane be

Cabinet Installation in Earthquake-Prone Los Angeles

We're going to line one 20' wall of our Los Angeles, California, garage with 6-foot tall by 2-foot deep cabinets that we assemble ourselves. The L-brackets they supply that tie the cabinet top to wall studs don't seem adequate in earthquake-prone Los Angeles, but the cabinet backs seem too flimsy to bolt to the studs. What's a good solution?

Is Cabinet Installation a Do-It-Yourself Task?

The house we bought has new kitchen cabinets and we asked that the old cabinets be left in the garage. We can use them in the garage for storage. There's a six-foot run and an eight foot run of upper and lower cabinets. Approximately what might it cost to get them installed?

Cabinet Installation in a Kokomo, Indiana, Home Workshop

I'd like to add eight feet of overhead cupboards above the very heavy 10' long workshop bench in my concrete-walled basement. Is there some way that's both easy and safe for me (and my neighbor) to install the cabinets without moving the bench?

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