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Mold Trouble in Our Detroit Rental

I own a 1,800-square-foot rental house with four bedrooms. One of the two bathrooms has signs of serious mold down by the baseboards. The renters didn't say anything and when they moved out, we found the mold. I don't want to just cosmetically fix the problem. I've heard that if you don't kill it off early, black mold can invade the whole house. What's the cost of treating an entire home for it? I don't want to rent it again until we solve the problem.

Cost for Removing Basement Mildew in Norfolk

It's a damp climate here in Norfolk. The basement smells of mildew, even after we open a few windows for ventilation. How do I know it's not the beginning of a serious black mold problem? What would it cost to bring in a professional to dry it out and put in a sealant?

How Much Will It Cost to Remove Basement Mold?

Sad to say, an inspector told us that our basement has the beginnings of a black mold problem. I heard this can be a catastrophe, costing a fortune. Is there a safe way to handle the problem without getting trapped into a complete basement remodeling project?

How to Eradicate Black Mold

The bathroom in my Mobile home has a black mold problem. I've tried scrubbing the ceiling and walls - but the mold keeps coming back. A contractor suggested we put in a ventilation system to resolve the mold issue - but that only slowed the problem down. How can we eradicate this mold once and for all?

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