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How to Fix Old Bathroom Tile Grout

The tile grout in my master bathroom is dingy and cracked, but local contractors here in California are refusing to regrout. Why is this, and what should I do to fix my grout problem?

Cutting Costs on Bathroom Cabinets

We want to redo the bathroom in our Portsmouth condo, but the cabinet costs are prohibitve. Instead of custom sets, are there cheaper off-the shelf products?

How to Caulk a Bathroom Shower

The caulking in my bathroom shower is black and starting to come out. What is the best way to re-caulk it, given I live in Seattle's moist climate?

How to Determine the ROI on Additions

I am considering some additions in my Atlanta home: a third bathroom, enlarged kitchen, and home office. How do I determine the probable cost and the return on my investment when I resell?

What Type of Countertop Should I Use

I am planning to replace my bathroom countertops in Baltimore, but I can't decide between wood, marble, or a synthetic like Corian. What are the pros and cons of each type?

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