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Can I expand the size of my home's basement?

Is it possible to remove one of my basement walls so that I can expand the size of the basement. Currently, the 4 basement walls are solid concrete and sit directly under the perimeter of the house, which means that the expanded basement would extend beyond the footprint of the house? What do you think of this idea?

How can I waterproof my porch to prevent rain water from flooding the basement?

My home's unheated basement gets wet from rainwater, which soaks in from the above porch. The existing floor of the porch is made from 1x4 tongue and groove boards. How can I waterproof the floor of the porch so that water does not leak into the underlying basement?

Can I mount my plasma TV to some metal wall studs?

I would like to mount my new plasma TV to the wall in my home's basement, but there is no wood backing in the wall because it is framed with metal studs and insulated with solid foam installation. Any ideas I what I can do?

Relocating an air conditioning vent in your home's basement

One of the vents for my home's central air conditioning extends about 12" below the basement ceiling. How can I make the vent flush with the ceiling so that it does not hang so low?

How Do I Prevent Roof Run Off from Getting into my Basement?

I get water in my basement when my neighbor's gutter system overflows. While, as a last resort, I think I could sue the neighbor and get them to remedy the situation, I think that my problem would go away if I had a way to channel the roof run off.

Can the building inspector require me to replace the wiring?

I recently had a new boiler installed in the basement of a rental property which required the city building inspector to come in and inspect. Unfortunately I was not there as I live out of state but the company that installed the boiler and my tenant were with him. During his inspection he noticed that my basement wiring may not be up to code. I'm not 100% sure what is going on but he mentioned to my tenant something about an electrical inspection. I know it would be wise to replace my wiring if it is outdated and not up to code but my question is, can the building inspector require me to replace the wiring? What if I honestly can't afford it at the given time?

What is the best flooring option for a kitchen which is over a basement?

We have ceramic tiles now, and half are cracked. Reasons we were given so far: beams in basement ceiling are too wide, improperly install. We want to redo the floors but want to make sure we pick the right option for this situation.

Cost to Diagnose and Fix a Leaky Basement

After even a small amount of rain, our basement floor is much too damp. I don't know if it's from runoff or seepage. I checked for condensation, but the problem is not from the walls. What's the best way to check for foundation problems and is it too late to use a sealant now? Is this going to cost a fortune?

How much will adding a wet bar in a finished basement cost?

My husband and I just bought a home in New Jersey that has a finished basement. I think basements are better as guest rooms, but he is thinking game room with a wet bar. I think a wet bar near our dining room would add more value to our home. How much will adding a wet bar cost and do basement bars get a better return on investment than wet bars elsewhere in the home?

How to Fix a Cracking Poured Basement Wall?

After a particularly wet Ohio rain season, I noticed a small crack in my poured concrete basement wall. Is there a simple way to fix the crack before it gets worse?

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