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Mold Trouble in Our Detroit Rental

I own a 1,800-square-foot rental house with four bedrooms. One of the two bathrooms has signs of serious mold down by the baseboards. The renters didn't say anything and when they moved out, we found the mold. I don't want to just cosmetically fix the problem. I've heard that if you don't kill it off early, black mold can invade the whole house. What's the cost of treating an entire home for it? I don't want to rent it again until we solve the problem.

What is the easiest and most cost effective way to change out stained wood molding?

We have baseboards and door trim throughout our house that is stained wood. We would like to either have the trim primed and painted white, or replace every piece with new painted molding. Cost is a factor.

I have maple doors and baseboard, all chopped up due to wheel chairs, etc.

Can I stain maple with some kind of stain, and what would I use to bring its luster back. I do have that stick which erases some marks and it is good but not for a large job.

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