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How Should I Place Sand Under an Above Ground Pool?

I am setting up an above ground pool and want to make sure I correctly prepare the area underneath the pool. How should I place sand and landscape fabric under the pool to ensure it has a stable base?

How much would it cost to re-grade my yard?

I will be moving to Stafford, Virginia and I am trying to find out how much it would cost me to re-grade the back yard so that the water from my neighboors yard does not run into my yard?

Fences for Noise Control in Tucson, Arizona

We live on the corner of two busy 2-lane city streets near downtown Tucson, Arizona. Our backyard is almost too noisy for entertaining. Are hay bale fences the best thing for noise abatement, and if so, how high does it have to be to reduce the noise level?

Finding Irrigation Lines

As the third owners of our Spokane, Washington, home, we're planning to expand our back yard patio into the lawn area. How do we locate the irrigation lines that run through the proposed patio without trenching up the whole yard?

How much would it cost to regrade a 1/2 acre yard?

The backyard of a house we are considering to buy has a slight slope in the 1/2 acre backyard. Ideally, we could have it leveled and a retaining wall around the perimeter. How much would it cost to regrade the yard?

How Can I Even Out a Patio Invaded by Tree Roots?

The concrete patio behind my Benton Harbor home is lovely - but it has one problem: a massive oak tree in the backyard has equally massive roots - and they are pushing up the patio - creating an unsightly hazard. How can I fix the problem without taking down that ancient tree?

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