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Icynene Insulation on the Attic Floor

Situation: New construction, ductless HVAC system, therefore attic temperature not a significant issue. Standing seam metal roof, no insulation on the roof decking, venting attic. Is the Icynene a viable option and if so, what Icynene formula would be best?

Insulating a Roof Between Rafters

I just purchased a home in a cold climate area. In the attic, some portions of the roof have insulation, some of it is missing. I want to replace the missing insulation between the rafters. The existing insulation is foil-backed, not kraft-backed. All kraft-backed insulation states that it must be covered. I am assuming that is why they used foil-backed. I have not been able to find foil-backed insulation and I am not going to sheetrock the roof. What do I use?

How do I insulate my attic for a bedroom with 2-by-6 rafters?

I am turning my attic into a bedroom, and I am afraid to put the drywall up because I'm not sure if I insulated correctly. I only have 2-by-6 rafters, and they are not evenly spaced. I put vent trays and fiberglass insulation up. My friend nailed 2-by-2s to the bottom of each rafter. Will they support the weight of the drywall? Do I also need to put up a vapor barrier?

Which spray foam manufacturer?

I live in Atlanta, GA and will be insulating my attic with spray foam and there are a handful of manufacturers such as Iceynene, LaPolla, etc. Does one stand out from the other? I've also been going back and forth between open and closed cell. From the research I've done open cell seems to be the more appropriate application. Agree?

Looking to Insulate Attic With Aluminum Foil

I would like to re-insulate (using my existing insulation) a portion (for right now) a part of my attic (ceiling over my bed room). I wanted to simply lay "aluminum foil" like Reynolds Wrap for an example on the ceiling of my bedroom from the attic (shinny side down) to simply reflect heat coming up to the ceiling back into the room. Then after laying the aluminum foil down, I want to re-install my insulation (either cellulose or open face fiberglass) on top of the aluminum foil. Am not sure, but I think the aluminum foil might act as a vapor barriers for which could be a plus. Right now, I don't have any (vapor barrier) up in my attic and so far, it looks like only cellulose is being used. (FYI: There's plenty of air space for ventilation in the attic). Before going any further, I must state that am NOT looking for the aluminum foil to act as an insulator but to ONLY REFLECT the IR (heat) from leaving the room. The insulation on top of the foil will do the insulating. And yes, I do know about Reflectix bubble reflective insulation but don't want to go there. So, what do you think about this idea? Thanks.

What is the best kind of insulation to add to an attic?

I own a house, built in 1978. The attic needs more insulation insulation to help winterization. What is the best type of insulation? Is there a particular brand? What should I be looking for in insulation material?

Heat Pump Installation Costs for a 1950's Ranch House

I have a 1950's ranch that does not have central heat and air. I would like a ballpark figure for installation. It has an attic (which is pretty much fully floored and great for storage) and a crawl space which you do crawl in to navigate it (don't know if there is enough room for ductwork in there). Currently it has a hot water system and registers to heat the house (there is gas to heat the water). I don't know if a gas system (since there is already gas available) would be best and more cost efficient or if an electrical system for air and heat is best. I would also need ductwork installed. Thank you

Big Problem Venting Hot Attic

I live in Michigan in a ranch house. My house is shaped like a "T". On the right side, I have a garage with a firewall with no access to the attic. The garage is about 20' in width. On the left side of the "T", I have a family room with a cathedral ceiling with no access to the attic also. It is also about 20' feet wide. I am trying to bring in fresh air to these areas, but there are no soffits in that area. Our kitchen and dining room, which are underneath that area, are noticeably hotter than the rest of the house. I would like to know, what is the best way to bring in fresh air into those areas and have it vent out through the ridge vent. I am very frustrated, please reply.

Which is the better insulation option for me?

My heating and cooling ducts run through my attic. I'm looking to add more insulation to my attic. So which kind and style would work best in my situation (spray foam, spray loose insulation, or both? Best bang for my buck and best energy plan?

Problem With Attic Ventilation

I have a two story house with a ridge vent on top and gable vents on both sides of my house, the house was built in 1988. I am having a problem with the upstairs staying hot during the day so I started to investigate. I noticed that there are no soffit vents anywhere around the house. My question is with existing gable vents will it be ok to install soffit vents around the house to get better ventilation and take advantage of the ridge vent or will it affect it in a negative way?

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