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Building a new access door to your home's attic

I am trying to get into the attic space of my new house, but could not find any access door or hatch. I cut a small hole into the ceiling and found a layer of wood planking and then a layer of sawdust, and then another layer of wood planking. I did not cut into that last layer of wood, but could see through the cracks and knot holes that there is a layer of tar paper on top of it. Any suggestions on how to access the attic above?

Icynene Insulation on the Attic Floor

Situation: New construction, ductless HVAC system, therefore attic temperature not a significant issue. Standing seam metal roof, no insulation on the roof decking, venting attic. Is the Icynene a viable option and if so, what Icynene formula would be best?

How do I insulate my attic for a bedroom with 2-by-6 rafters?

I am turning my attic into a bedroom, and I am afraid to put the drywall up because I'm not sure if I insulated correctly. I only have 2-by-6 rafters, and they are not evenly spaced. I put vent trays and fiberglass insulation up. My friend nailed 2-by-2s to the bottom of each rafter. Will they support the weight of the drywall? Do I also need to put up a vapor barrier?

Which spray foam manufacturer?

I live in Atlanta, GA and will be insulating my attic with spray foam and there are a handful of manufacturers such as Iceynene, LaPolla, etc. Does one stand out from the other? I've also been going back and forth between open and closed cell. From the research I've done open cell seems to be the more appropriate application. Agree?

What is the best kind of insulation to add to an attic?

I own a house, built in 1978. The attic needs more insulation insulation to help winterization. What is the best type of insulation? Is there a particular brand? What should I be looking for in insulation material?

Which is the better insulation option for me?

My heating and cooling ducts run through my attic. I'm looking to add more insulation to my attic. So which kind and style would work best in my situation (spray foam, spray loose insulation, or both? Best bang for my buck and best energy plan?

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