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Building a new access door to your home's attic

I am trying to get into the attic space of my new house, but could not find any access door or hatch. I cut a small hole into the ceiling and found a layer of wood planking and then a layer of sawdust, and then another layer of wood planking. I did not cut into that last layer of wood, but could see through the cracks and knot holes that there is a layer of tar paper on top of it. Any suggestions on how to access the attic above?

What can go wrong with replacing duct work insulated with asbestos?

I am buying a house that has damaged duct work that is insulated with asbestos. The seller wants to pay the contractor out of escrow at closing, but my realtor thinks it is safer for me to pay for the repairs and get reimbursed from escrow. His worry is that the contractor would not start the work until a few days before escrow closes and risks not finishing the job. What would be the concern in waiting for the last week to do the work? The house is one story, 1900 square feet.

During what years was asbestos used in roofing products?

I am shopping for a house and want to know if it has an old roof, how to tell if it has asbestos since this would be good to know if the roof has to be repaired or replaced.

How much does it cost to have asbestos shingles removed?

I am looking at buying a house with asbestos shingles and was thinking about removing them or covering them for stone facing. Do you have an estimate on how much this will cost?

Replacing Popcorn Ceilings

My family has lived in this Pittsburgh house since the 1960s. We have popcorn ceilings and since we're looking at several remodeling projects, I want to know if there's an asbestos risk. Can we remodel the ceilings safely, or do we need to hire a contractor?

What to do about a 30 year old Armstrong linoleum kitchen floor.

What is best way to put in a new floor into a kitchen that has a 30 yr old Armstrong linolium floor (with asbestos in it)? My client wants to sell this house within 1 or 2 years. One installer recommended gluing a new linolium floor over it. My question is this: if a new buyer a year or two down the road wants to rip out the kitchen and re-do it, will this make it more difficult and costly for them?

Should we buy a house that has asbestos siding?

We have fallen in love with an old turn of the century home in Bloomington. Unfortunately, the home inspection revealed that there is asbestos siding on the house. We're a young couple and hope to have children someday, but don't want our children to be living in a house with toxic siding. Should this siding be removed? And is this kind of work too expensive? Or should we give up on the house and look for one that doesn't have asbestos siding?

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