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What home renovations will most increase the overall value of my house?

I want to spend some money to update my pre-war co-op apartment, but am unsure which remodeling projects make the most sense for my budget. Should I go for looks (new floors, fresh paint) or worry more about functional items like updated appliances, new fixtures, modern furnace? Thank you.

Can I install a new gas stove myself?

I want to replace the gas stove in our kitchen, but the delivery company will not install the new appliance for me. I am curious to know how easy it is to remove and install a gas stove? Do I need to hire someone for this job or should I do it myself? Thanks!

Small Kitchen Addition Appliances

I want to put in a small kitchen as a home addition this year. We have a separate room that we're making into an apartment and a galley kitchen will fit okay. The problem is we can't find mid-range appliances in Allentown that aren't too expensive. It's either a Rolls Royce or a cookplate. I'm looking at a built-in convection oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Have any suggestions?

Installing Shut-off Valves for In-Flow Appliances

Do you recommend installing shut-off valves for all in-flow appliances throughout a house? ie. toilet, sinks, etc.?

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