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Looking to Insulate Attic With Aluminum Foil

I would like to re-insulate (using my existing insulation) a portion (for right now) a part of my attic (ceiling over my bed room). I wanted to simply lay "aluminum foil" like Reynolds Wrap for an example on the ceiling of my bedroom from the attic (shinny side down) to simply reflect heat coming up to the ceiling back into the room. Then after laying the aluminum foil down, I want to re-install my insulation (either cellulose or open face fiberglass) on top of the aluminum foil. Am not sure, but I think the aluminum foil might act as a vapor barriers for which could be a plus. Right now, I don't have any (vapor barrier) up in my attic and so far, it looks like only cellulose is being used. (FYI: There's plenty of air space for ventilation in the attic). Before going any further, I must state that am NOT looking for the aluminum foil to act as an insulator but to ONLY REFLECT the IR (heat) from leaving the room. The insulation on top of the foil will do the insulating. And yes, I do know about Reflectix bubble reflective insulation but don't want to go there. So, what do you think about this idea? Thanks.

Which are the best moderately-priced replacement windows?

Which are the best moderately-priced replacement windows, non-vinyl for our Northern climate? We've researched fiberglass and aluminum-clad wood and vinyl.

What Kind of Siding Should I Install?

The wooden exterior walls of my older home in Portland, Oregon have deteriorated over time. I want to install new siding, but I am confused by the claims. Is vinyl siding superior to aluminum siding? Is either one truly maintenance-free? Which is more difficult to install?

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