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What's the average cost of purchasing and installing a new air conditioner?

Our house is a 1,100 square foot single story home that has a forced-air furnace (located in the attic) with new duct work throughout. How much might it cost to add an air conditioning unit to the system?

Does my air conditioning unit need a drip pan?

We recently had 2 air conditioning units installed at our house. Although the unit in the attic was installed with a drip pan, there is no drip pan on the bottom AC unit. Is this normal? Did the HVAC contractor make a mistake?

Relocating an air conditioning vent in your home's basement

One of the vents for my home's central air conditioning extends about 12" below the basement ceiling. How can I make the vent flush with the ceiling so that it does not hang so low?

Is it bad to run the air conditioning during construction?

I am in the middle of a house construction project. The AC is now operational, but is it okay to use it while other construction is still happening?

Air Condition Flow

We have an almost square house. Toward the garage are 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and laundry room. They are probably 15 degrees colder when the A/C is on. Meanwhile, the master bed and bath and the kitchen and living room are very warm. Help, we have tried closing vents, (still cold) stuffing towels in the vents to partially block...nothing seems to work. The house is 10 yrs old.

Cooling by Dehumidifying

Here in Atlanta, Georgia the humidity often makes summer days uncomfortable. We have a one-story, 1,750 square foot house. If there's such a thing as a whole house system for dehumidifying, what does it cost to buy and use, and is it a better choice than air conditioning? Since it's not our peak hot season, you think it will cost less?

Wine Storage in a Hot Climate

I'd like to build a storage location on my property for my growing wine collection. Problem is, I need to shelter the wine from the Arizona heat. Should I go underground, or go with air conditioning?

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