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What is the Quickest Way to Open Painted Windows

I recently purchased a grand 1907 Craftsman in Cedar Rapids. The windows in the entire house are painted shut! What is the fastest way to open up those old windows? I don't want to replace them or damage them, of course.

What is the different between double and triple pane windows?

We live in Springfield, Illinois and want to install some good replacement windows for our cold climate. I've heard about triple pane windows but I'm not sure what the advantages these window are to double pane windows. Before we make this major home maintenance investment, could you explain me the difference?

When to Replace Old Windows

I pay huge cooling bills all summer in my home in Albuquerque. My windows are only 25 years old and I'm not sure when it is time to replace them. Any tips?

Choosing the Right Storm Windows

I'm remodeling a home and installing new storm windows. What features should I consider? I live in Orlando, which is known for heat, humidity, and the occasional windy storm.

How to Stop Drafts Around Windows

My Detroit home is seven years old, and this winter my heating bill has gone up and I can feel drafts around several of my windows. What is the best way to seal them?

How Much Will Window Replacement Save?

I live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, where the winters are very cold. My house is an older home with double-hung single pane windows. Will window replacement with double or triple pane windows save me money on my heating bill, and how much? How long will it take to recover my investment?

Signs it's Time for Replacing Windows

I just recently bought a house that's ten years old. I'm making a list of checkpoints for repairs and evaluations. My current focus is the windows. They're fairly standard, but some do show signs of wear and tear. What are the features I should look at to know if I should be replacing windows or not?

Window Replacements for the Upstairs

We are planning to replace our upstairs windows. We're looking at vinyl for the smaller windows. But the main bedroom has a picture window on a sliding door to the deck. What options would you recommend there so that we won't have to do this again anytime soon?

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