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Using an old chimney to hide new stove pipes

My home has a wood burning stove in the basement and its insulated stove pipe runs up an old brick lined chimney to the roof. If I added an additional wood burning stove on the main floor of the house, could I install a second stove pipe in the same chimney space. There is plenty of room for 2- 8" stove pipes, but is it allowed by code?

Window Replacement in a Wilmington, Delaware, Crooked Opening

One front window in our old house is obviously not level. Since all the other windows are the same size, a carpenter will have to rebuild the opening so the window replacement size matches the others. This is a 1940's wood frame house. How much will the labor cost to remove the old window, rebuild the opening, and replace the window?

Is an Attached Room Addition Less Costly Than a Separate Room?

We've got plenty of room in the side yard of our Wilmington, North Carolina, home to either add a home office to the house or build a room addition separate from the house. To attach it, it would wrap around a corner of the house a bit. Attaching requires changing and extending the roof line, breaking through a wall, and the main electrical service must be moved. The existing HVAC will accommodate the 100 square foot room. Is it likely to be more expensive to build the room addition onto the house, or to make a separate building?

How much is the average cost to install a wetbar?

How much is the average cost to install a wetbar (includes running plumbing and electric)?

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