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How to insulate and ventilate a crawlspace

My home has a crawl space which is damp and cold. I want to insulate the floor for better comfort inside the house, how is the best way to do this?

How do we prevent mold under the floor joists?

The previous owners turned the garage into a laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. They did nothing to the garage floor, just left it as is and raised the floor to meet the rest of the house (approx 2 ft). We just had to tear out the laundry room floor because of a burst pipe that happened while we were at work. We found out that the people who bought this house and flipped it put a THIN coat of plywood over already damaged floor. The house was originally built in 1950's. After being down on the original garage floor and looking around under there, we found there is no vents under there and there is water damage (not as severe as the laundry room) in the bathroom area. We have planned to tear out the floor in the bathroom during the summer barring any other major event. We want to prevent mold from growing. We did spray the wood under the laundry room and what we could get to, but won't this grow back without proper ventilation? Please help.

Does an electric wall oven require exterior venting?

Hello, I am wondering if an electric wall oven requires venting to the outside. I have a client that refuses to replace their current old ovens because the new ones don't have exterior ventilation, and I am trying to find information about whether this is really required or not. I assume it isn't since most new models don't have this feature, but I don't have any explanation as to why not!

Florida Microwave Oven That Vents to the Outside

My Pensacola, Florida, kitchen gets steamy enough without my microwave/vent unit blowing smoke and steam back into the room. To replace it with a microwave/hood combination that vents to the outside, I assume a duct has to be run through the cabinet over the range and up through the attic. If that's correct, what's a ballpark kitchen remodeling figure for a microwave/convection/hood unit and the job of creating an exhaust to the outside?

Problem With Attic Ventilation

I have a two story house with a ridge vent on top and gable vents on both sides of my house, the house was built in 1988. I am having a problem with the upstairs staying hot during the day so I started to investigate. I noticed that there are no soffit vents anywhere around the house. My question is with existing gable vents will it be ok to install soffit vents around the house to get better ventilation and take advantage of the ridge vent or will it affect it in a negative way?

Putting in a Dormer

This spring and summer I'm finally converting the attic and putting in new kitchen cabinets. The big project is the dormer. From what I've gathered online, the framing and rafters are covered the same way you'd do your roof, with plywood, felt, shingles, and flashing. How do you dry-in the room, insulate it, and still maintain adequate ventilation?

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