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Windows for Sunroom

I have 7 windows in my sunroom and they are not very energy efficient; I estimate that I need a U Factor of .28 or better to make my sunroom air tight; in addition, I'll need the southern/western exposed windows to have a low SHGC; are windows with these factors readily accessible in this area?

What Kind of Windows Are Most Energy-Efficient?

I am building a new home in the Chicago suburbs. I am acting as my own general contractor, and have a question about windows. Which type of frames--vinyl, wood, or aluminum is the most energy-efficient? Can I get a tax break for using energy-efficient windows in new construction?

How Much Will Window Replacement Save?

I live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, where the winters are very cold. My house is an older home with double-hung single pane windows. Will window replacement with double or triple pane windows save me money on my heating bill, and how much? How long will it take to recover my investment?

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