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Tax credit for 30 year roofing shingles?

Do you get a tax credit for 30 year roofing shingles?

In-wall gas heating system with a thermostat?

Where can I buy an in-wall gas heating system with a thermostat?

Metal mobile home roofing problem

The metal roof on my mobile home is leaking, what is the best way to fix it when you have a limited income?

Tile Roof Repair: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Our Texas home has a tile roof and I've noticed some wear-and-tear recently. I'm sure some roof repair is in order, but I'm wondering what kind of repairs I can do myself and what I should hire a contractor to work on. Isn't walking on tile supposed to be dangerous?

How Can I Fill the Holes Left By Old Hardware Removed From my Kitchen Cabinets?

I'd like to replace existing handles on the kitchen cabinets in my Waco, TX, home with door pulls. The pull would use only one of the existing holes. I don't want the plug to be obvious. Is this a do-it-yourself fix or do I need an expert?

Fixing a Leaky Roof: Badly Installed Flashing?

We had a roofing contractor out to look at a water spot on the ceiling of our living room and give us an estimate. He said it might be caused by badly installed flashing. The roof was repaired in the summer of 2002. We noticed the discoloration only last winter. The estimate was outrageous. What should we do next?

How to Choose a House Painting Contractor?

The exterior of my house needs painting and I know I can't do the work myself. However, my neighbors recently got burned by a painting contractor who did shoddy work and refused to fix the problems. How can I be sure I'm choosing a reliable contractor so this doesn't happen to me?

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