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Cost involved in changing a window to a sliding door.

What is the estimated cost to change a bedroom window to a sliding glass door on an exterior wall which will lead to the backyard?

Tax Breaks for Remodeling

It's tough right now affording any major remodeling, but we'd like to redo the kitchen and a half-bathroom in our San Antonia home. I've been reading about tax breaks this year for doing remodeling with materials that save energy. Is that for windows? Can you tell me more about the tax breaks and which kind of remodeling is covered?

Replacing Electrical Receptacles

Now that I'm up to my neck in a home addition, I need some information about swapping out old electrical receptacles for ground-fault circuit interrupters. CGFI units are almost always labeled, but should I use a multimeter to confirm the circuit map in the breaker?

Can You Recommend Sunroom Designs for Texas Weather?

One thing about living in Texas in the summer is that you have to put up with heat and humidity. I'd like to add a sunroom with air conditioning, and I'm definitely not interested in a screened porch. Most of the sunroom designs I see are either cheap looking or are altogether too extravagant. Can you point me in the right direction cost-wise?

How much does it cost for new electrical panel?

We are building a barbecue bar near our pool outside in Corpus Christi. Currently the pool equipment is on the same electrical panel with the rest of the house and sometimes it gets overloaded and throws a switch. Should we move the barbecue bar electrical outlets and lighting to a separate electrical panel, maybe with the pool equipment? How much does that usually cost?

Laundry Room Flooding Problem

When I wash clothes in my laundry room it floods my living room, and my kitchen sinks won't drain. I have had 2 plumbers come out and they dont tell me anything, but your sink is holding water which apparently I already knew! Obviously, it would be hard without being here to look, but what is your take (or guess) on this? What could be the problem?

Recycled Leather Flooring and Humidity

I have fallen in love with recycled leather flooring and want to install it throughout my Dallas home. Is this recommended or not given the region's humidity? Will the moisture damage it?

What are some red flags to tip us off to inefficient contractors?

I've heard stories about contractors who fail to put the finishing touches on remodeling jobs. We are about to do some general remodeling in our Amarillo home and would like some tips on how to pick a contractor who will get our job done promptly. Could you give some red flags to look for when selecting a contractor?

How can I seal my basement to keep it from leaking?

I have a basement wall that has been leaking for years. It is built out of poured concrete floor and cinderblock walls. It is underground about six feet in depth. Outside it has a concrete skirting 8-12 feet around three sides. We have tried using KILZ on the inside wall several times. I feel that it will have to be resealed from the outside. Looking for options and opinions. The size of the basement is 60 feet wide and 120 feet long.

How to Protect a Roof from Hurricane Damage

After weathering several hurricanes in our Corpus Christi home, we're concerned about how much more stress the roof can take. A friend of ours suggested installing hurricane clips on the roof to lessen our chances of wind damage. What do you think of hurricane clips, and can we install them ourselves?

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