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Insulating a Knee Wall

I have a knee wall that needs insulating. The conditioned space on the other side of the knee wall is a bedroom with drywall. The room is normally the same temperature as it is outside. The unconditioned space on the attic side of the knee wall is vented by a huge Gable vent. After searching online for the best way to do it, I have come up with a potential plan but I'm not sure which way the Faced Batt Insulation should face. I have 16 inch on center studs studs (2 X 4). It looks like the only insulation that I can buy is Faced. After the Batt Insulation is installed, I would like to put up foam insulation board over it on the attic side. Then caulk around all of the gaps. With this plan, which way should the Kraft paper face? Do you see in any problem s with this plan? Thanks for your help.

Installing Hardwoods Near a Cabinet

I'm going to be installing prefinished 3in hardwoods and will be doing so in the great room and kitchen. I have a pneumatic nailer which will make the job easier but as I get near the cabinets, I won't be able to use my nailer and face nailing would prove challenging under the cabinet. I was thinking of pre-drilling holes and using a racheting nailer (like the one at Sears) to hammer it in before I could countersink it but wanted to hear if you have any advice. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

Which side of sheetrock is a moisture barrier?

I'm remodeling a shower and I'm using a water resistant sheetrock. I don't know which side should touch my tiles. Which side of sheetrock is a moisture barrier - the colorful o regular gray?

New Exterior Door Solution Needed for ADA Compliance

We have a 6' exterior door opening roughed out from the bedroom to a rear porch. We were going to put in a patio door. Now that my mother has had a stroke and my father, at 83 yrs old, is pushing her around in a wheelchair, we realize that the patio door, when opened and allowing for door hardware and knuckles, will be a tight fit and he'll have to push over the tracks. No good. French doors take up too much room opening in and the maneuvering around the bed and open door with the wheelchair is too hard. also, no good. Money being tight, an outward swinging door(s), pocket door or bi-fold doors would be ideal. I can easily and inexpensively get an inward swinging door or french doors at a big box store or salvage yard but would need to reverse them to swing outward. I could do the pocket door if I could find the heavy duty hardware for the hangers, but I'd have the pre-cut holes for the door hardware to contend with. Slabs would be custom ordered and expensive. I could frame and just install a storm door but it's not the best insulator. I'm open to ideas. Thanks for the help.

How much would it cost to have the exterior of my house painted?

How much would it cost to have the exterior painted? My house is about 1000 sq foot. And is a one story home.

Efficient Toilet for Bathroom Remodeling

We're redoing the fixtures in our 40-year old Houston, Texas, bathrooms. What will I have to pay for water-wise, truly quiet, truly plug-resistant toilets?

Replacement Windows for Garden Corner of Dallas Home

Our older one-story wood frame Dallas, Texas, home is magnificently landscaped. The dining room has 4'h x 6'w windows centered on north and east walls. We'd like to open the room up with insulated fiberglass replacement windows, each 6' high x 8' wide that meet at the corner. Do you think this remodeling can be done for our budget of $20-25,000?

Labor Cost for Installing a New Kitchen Backsplash

My kitchen remodeling dream is simple: I want to install those beautiful new small tile, stone, or glass backsplash materials that come grouped on a mesh backing. I want it to go from the top of my kitchen counter to the bottom of my overhead cupboards, with a separate bar-like accent band at midpoint. There are six electrical switch plates or sockets and the length is 18 linear feet. Please give me a ballpark cost for having the installation done over the existing drywall.

College Station, Texas, Kitchen Remodeling Needs to Steal from Garage

My L-shaped 1400 square foot retirement home has too much garage and too little kitchen and pantry. The house is very sound and is a 2"x6" wood frame ranch style with a simple pitched roof making an L over the garage. I'd like to steal 8 feet from the 26' x 24' garage, which opens onto the street. I'd make a side-entrance one-bay garage. The water heater and utility sink can stay where they are. Kitchen appliances are fine, kitchen flooring and a 4' x 8' pantry would be built. Is my $40,000 rough budget enough?

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water?

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water? It is vinyl wallpaper. I installed it myself after priming and cleaning the old wall.

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