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Air Condition Flow

We have an almost square house. Toward the garage are 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and laundry room. They are probably 15 degrees colder when the A/C is on. Meanwhile, the master bed and bath and the kitchen and living room are very warm. Help, we have tried closing vents, (still cold) stuffing towels in the vents to partially block...nothing seems to work. The house is 10 yrs old.

How do I stain waferboard?

I need some advice on staining wafer. Is this even recommended? Or are there special stains and methods for waferboard? Thanks.

Window Replacement for Home in Wichita Falls, Texas

On a chilly, windy day last January I ran my hand around the window frames of our typical two-story home. Eight out of fourteen double-pane windows felt drafty, mostly those with condensation between the panes. The 5'h x 8'w living room window was one of them. Overall cost-wise, including utilities, does it make sense to only do window replacement as needed, or should we replace all of them now?

Icynene Insulation on the Attic Floor

Situation: New construction, ductless HVAC system, therefore attic temperature not a significant issue. Standing seam metal roof, no insulation on the roof decking, venting attic. Is the Icynene a viable option and if so, what Icynene formula would be best?

What can I use to remove oil stains from my driveway?

I have stubborn oil stains that are 2 years old. What can I use to remove them from my driveway?

Painting over fake wood-grain paneling

My 1,000-square-foot mobile home is in fine shape but the interiors are a dark wood-grain paneling that looks as if it's printed on the surface. Every winter I think of painting the interior a more cheerful color. Is there a paint for this? About what would a painter charge me for doing all the rooms--two bedrooms, a bath, kitchen and great room?

Will metal roofing require extra insulation?

We like the looks, fire resistance, and permanence of metal roofing to replace our asphalt shingle roof. Will metal transmit heat and cold more than asphalt shingles? What percentage of increase might we expect in utility bills if we don't add insulation?

How To Lay Carpet Tiles on Wood Floor

I have a small cabin and want to install carpet tiles on the plywood floor. The plywood has been down for about five years. We use area rugs for carpet. How do I prep the floor for carpet tiles? Keep in mind the floor in spots did not have any rug so its been walked on.

How do we prevent mold under the floor joists?

The previous owners turned the garage into a laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. They did nothing to the garage floor, just left it as is and raised the floor to meet the rest of the house (approx 2 ft). We just had to tear out the laundry room floor because of a burst pipe that happened while we were at work. We found out that the people who bought this house and flipped it put a THIN coat of plywood over already damaged floor. The house was originally built in 1950's. After being down on the original garage floor and looking around under there, we found there is no vents under there and there is water damage (not as severe as the laundry room) in the bathroom area. We have planned to tear out the floor in the bathroom during the summer barring any other major event. We want to prevent mold from growing. We did spray the wood under the laundry room and what we could get to, but won't this grow back without proper ventilation? Please help.

What would be the cost of installing & painting metal hand-rails?

What would be the cost of installing and painting metal hand-rails for (3) concrete steps leading from street sidewalk up to home sidewalk? We are an elderly couple and now need the hand-rails for support when climbing the steps.

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