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Preparing a Previously Wallpapered Wall for Painting

I'm tired of peeling wallpaper in my Tacoma, Washington, kitchen. I've done both painting and wallpapering before, but I'm not sure what steps are needed to prepare the walls for painting once the wallpaper is removed. What tools, products and techniques do I need?

Frameless Kitchen Cabinet Doors

All my favorite kitchens have frameless kitchen cabinet doors. Can I use my existing cabinet boxes and just add cabinet doors and hidden hinges to achieve that look? I am thinking I might need to somehow remove the front frame panel from the cabinet boxes. How much should I expect to pay a contractor to do that?

Drywall Screws or Nails for Bedroom Addition

I confess that it's been years since I hung drywall. But now I'm doing a home addition for a new bedroom. The hardware store clerk recommended using drywall screws instead of the nails I'm accustomed to using. I know both nails and screws can't leave indentations. Which method requires less patching and costs less?

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