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Enclosing a Porch as a Sunroom

The east-facing open side porch of our New Haven home is 6' x 12'. It's off the kitchen near the separate garage. We love sunrooms and want to enclose the porch with two insulated walls. There'd be three 4 x 6' windows, a window door, and floor and ceiling insulation and finishes. What is a rough cost?

What kind of paint do we use for a three-season sunroom addition?

We are putting in a three-season sunroom addition to the back of our home. The summers here in Glens Falls, New York are hot, fall and spring temperate, but the winters are frigid. What kind of indoor paint should we use for our sunroom that won't peel or crack under these fluctuating conditions?

What to Consider When Installing Sunrooms

Sunrooms are popular here in Columbia, and I want to build a top-of-the-line model What are the best add-on features that will make my new sunroom a great addition?

Installing a Backyard Patio Cover

This summer, I'm battling the Texas sun by installing a patio cover. I'm not sure if I should install a ceiling fan with the cover, or bring in portable fans. What do you recommend?

How to Narrow Down a List of Contractors

I'm new to Bridgeport and looking for contractors for a sunroom project. What are a few general rules you would recommend for someone narrowing down a list of potential bids?

Are There Sunroom Designs that Wrap Around a House Corner?

In the summer I'd like to enjoy a bug-free breakfast in a sunroom on the sunny east side of my house in Worcester, MA, then move to the cooler north side when it gets hotter. Are there prefab sunroom designs made like that?

Alternative Roofing Materials for My Screened Sunroom?

The rubberized canvas roof of my Pueblo, CO, screened sunroom is worn out and also greatly darkens my dining room and kitchen. A replacement from the sunroom manufacturer costs over $4,000. What replacement material would let in light, be easy to install, and hopefully cost less?

Can Sunroom Additions Also Serve As a Greenhouse in Pennsylvania?

Will I need one or two sunroom additions for the south side of my Williamsport, PA, home in order to have both a lounge area and an area warm enough to grow veggies? I'm afraid the temperatures should be different for each use.

How to Convert a Covered Patio Into a Sunroom

I have an existing covered patio, but my wife has decided she would prefer a sunroom. Are there any sunroom designs that would make it possible to incorporate the existing redwood patio cover into a sunroom? If not, how would I go about designing a conversion?

How to Build a Sunroom

I want to build a sunroom off my family room for entertaining. How complicated is it to build a sunroom? Can I purchase a prefabricated sunroom that is easily assembled, or is it better to have the sunroom custom-designed to fit my home's architecture?

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