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Painting Versus Mixed-in Color for Stucco

I'm replacing my old siding with stucco on a house I bought for my retirement. Assuming I live here 15 years or more, is it cost-effective to have the color mixed into the stucco versus painting every five years? Does the integrated color prevent cracks?

Best Paint for Waterfront Boca Raton House

Our 3-year old Boca Raton, Florida, house is very near the water. What's the very best type of paint to use on the stucco exterior, and will we save money by having less frequent repainting needs if we use the best type of paint?

Is There a Cure for Stained Stucco?

I am very pleased with my 1930 Tudor in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The problem I have is with the stucco. It seems stained, and even a good pressure wash won't deter the problem. What would you suggest I try next?

What options are available to install insulation in existing outside walls?

I have zero insulation in my outside walls. Outside is stucco and inside are original tung and groove ceder boards.

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