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What is the average price for refacing kitchen cabinets?

My kitchen has a row of 5 base cabinets and 5 wall cabinets. What might it cost to have someone reface the cabinets with laminate? Thank you.

Repairing cracks in plaster walls

The walls in my house are plaster and have several large sheetrock patches covering areas where windows and doors used to be located. The seam between the plaster and the sheetrock is cracked, which makes the patch appear obvious. What can I use to fill or cover the seams so that they won't crack?

Biomass Heating in Springfield, Missouri

Is there a system currently available for my one-story 1750 square foot home using biomass heating? I don't have a fireplace but have a place where I could put a heating unit. What would be the rough initial and annual costs for the unit?

High Pressure Water for Cleaning Soffits before Painting

I've put off the backbreaking job of painting the soffits of my Springfield, Missouri, split-level home. Now the paint is cracked and there's all sorts of dirt and webs up there. Is it safe to use a high-pressure hose to clean off everything loose so I can minimize the scraping or wire-brushing?

What size steel I-beam do I need for ceiling project?

I have a floor with about a 1 and 1/2 sag in the middle. It has a bedroom above. I want to install a steel I-beam and span the 24 foot ceiling, removing the center post opening up the entire room. What size I-beam do I need to do this? Above the center post are 4 2x8s running the span of the ceiling.

How to Repair Cracks and Dents in Siding

A tornado ripped through our Springfield, Missouri neighborhood last year. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but our home suffered some siding damage. Most of the problem stems from debris hitting the siding, which led to cracks and in a few cases, a serious dent. Can I repair the cracks and dents in my siding, or do I have to replace each damaged piece?

What is the different between double and triple pane windows?

We live in Springfield, Illinois and want to install some good replacement windows for our cold climate. I've heard about triple pane windows but I'm not sure what the advantages these window are to double pane windows. Before we make this major home maintenance investment, could you explain me the difference?

Is it OK for granite countertop to overlap undermount sink?

I'm looking into redoing our kitchen countertop. But running into issues near the sink. Is it ok for granite countertop to overlap undermount sink?

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