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How Do I Replace a Leaking Skylight?

In 2000, I bought a home with a great skylight that sheds lots of light inside. However, the skylight started to leak shortly after moving in. I hired a roofer who fixed the leak, repaired the ceiling, and re-painted the area. The problem seemed to be resolved, but now it has returned again. I looked around the skylight and found lots of mold and also damaged portions of the ceiling. I plan on hiring a roofer, again, to fix the problem. But, I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to stop it from happening a third time? Would it be better to just remove the skylight to prevent the continuous leaking?

What is involved in installing a skylight on a cathederal ceiling?

I have a cathedral ceiling in which I would like to install a skylight. There are skylights on the other side of the roof, but they are boxed in so the light comes to standard ceiling height. What's involved in this type of project?

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