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How do I fill a dip in a commercial roof?

We have a flat rubber roof on a small commercial building. Near the bottom there is a dip or belly that holds standing water and is now leaking and damaging the ceiling inside. Is there a product that can be poured to fill this void and make the area flat? We plan on going over the old rubber with a new rubber roof or a roll roofing but are not sure how to fill the void.

Covering My Back Porch

I'm sure this is easier than i am making it but I need some help. I am wanting to extend the roof to cover my back porch. The porch itself is roughly 30' x 12'. The part I am having trouble with is the L shape of the existing roof over the house. Need some help with deciding what would be the most structurally sound way to go about it. What are some of the things commonly overlooked by DIY-ers?

Should I replace my roof tiles?

I have a house with the curved Spanish style tiles in which many tiles are stacked on top of one another with cement in between them. An inspector looking at the roof identified that many of the top tiles were missing or broken. This was apparent because some of the current top tiles have cement on top them. However, there has been no sign of leaking even after some fairly heavy rains recently. Also, as far as I can tell there are several more layers of tile below these missing top pieces. Am I correct in understanding that the only reason to replace these is for cosmetic purposes? Also, is there not more risk in creating new problems by having someone walking around on these tiles in order to replace the missing ones?

There is Mold on my Roof and I Don't Know Why. Help!

The asphalt shingle roof of my Redding, California home is flowering with mold. What causes this? Is it dangerous? What can I do about it?

Should roof be re-shingled or replaced?

The asphalt roof on our Oregon house is 20 years old and it looks like there's another layer underneath. The roofing is beginning to come apart in places and curl up in other spots. Should we have the whole roof removed and reinstalled with a new one--or can we tell the contractors to just add another layer on top of the old roof?

Are metal roofs green?

I am looking to install a new roof on my Rochester home. Since I am in the middle of creating a more sustainable home with other green remodeling projects I wanted to know if metal roofing is "greener" than asphalt roofing.

How to Prevent Roofing Wind Damage in Future Storms

My roofing was wind damaged in a tropical storm last summer. The damage is repaired but I'd like to help prevent the same thing happening in future Florida storms. What steps should I take?

A Fix for Roof Gutters

It rains constantly in Oregon. Our gutters won't drain the roof. They look warped and misaligned. We've bent the hangars without success. Now what can we do?

How to Tell if My Roofing Has Hail Damage

After a bad hailstorm here in Indianapolis, I notice that all my neighbors have contractors working on their roofs. How can I tell if my roofing has hail damage?

How to Repair Damaged Roofing

Recent windstorms in New Jersey have caused me to lose some shingles in my asphalt shingle roofing. Others are damaged. What is the best way to replace asphalt roofing shingles?

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