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Do vent booster fans really help?

I have very little air flow coming out of my upstairs vents in several rooms at the end of the run. A/C & Heat unit only a couple years old.

The Cost of Faux Finishes for Kitchen Walls

We're halfway through our kitchen remodeling and are choosing the paint. Since it's a Tuscany kitchen, I'd like a faux finish for the painting. Rag rolling is supposed to be relatively simple with one or two glazes. Does it take a crew to paint the kitchen this way? I hear you need at least one painter and one rag roller to work together. If I decide to contract it out, what's the hourly cost here in Richmond?

Cost for Electrical Upgrade

We live in an older home in Richmond and want to replace the knob-and-tube wiring. Can you give us a ballpark estimate for electrical labor? We took a few bids and the hourly is much too high. Can you suggest a good source for getting more competitive bids?

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

My wife recently suggested kitchen cabinet refacing as a way of updating our kitchen without the cost of starting from scratch. What's the difference between simply painting or re-staining the cabinets and refacing them?

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