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Should I request waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard?

We are buying a house in Knightdale NC. My question pertains to waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard. We are having the house built and I have noticed during the drywall inspection that standard white sheetrock is beige used in the bathrooms. Should I request/demand waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard?

Removing the 1/4in luan floor for 3/4in hardwood installation

My 1/4" luan (I think it's luan) has been there for 30 years. It not only had lots of 1" long plus nails holding it down, somebody decided to shoot about 100 brad type nails in it as well. This material basically glued itself to my subfloor. I tried to pry it up, however about 50% will not pry up. It split in layers and I have resorted to using a very sharp 2" wide wood chisel to get under the very thin layers of material that are stuck to my subfloor. Any suggestions ? I may be here another 2 weeks trying to get the rest of it up..but my contractor is coming tomorrow to install my hardwood flooring!

What should I choose as the flooring material for my back porch?

I am having the floor of my screened back porch re-floored. What should I choose as the flooring material? I have a large screened in porch where we do a lot of entertaining. The flooring is tongue and grooved wood that has last the ability to take paint. I would like to go with a low maintenance option. What choices would be good ones for this project?

How do I stop knots from bleeding/bleaching my deck?

Every year I stain my deck. Within a few months, the knots begin to bleed through and become a powdery, white substance that runs several inches/feet from the original knot. There are dozens of these and they are unsightly. I have been told there is nothing I can do but paint the deck. I want to continue to stain it. Is painting really my only option?

Should I swap my conventional water heater for a tankless one?

I have heard that tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than conventional ones. Is it worthwhile cost-wise in the long run to replace my conventional one with a tankless in my North Carolina, home? Would I need only one? Where would I install it? What kind of savings could I expect on my utility bill?

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