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Correct Fence for Bungalow-Style Home

Our small old bungalow-style home is charming except for an ugly chain link fence out front. The house exterior is plaster or stucco and the covered front porch has river rock-type supports for the arches. There's a very simple railing with 1" square "pickets" spaced 3" apart. We want the front fence to be authentic but not too expensive. What would look right?

Landscaping Terraces in Pueblo, Colorado

Our back yard in Pueblo, Colorado, slopes down to the Pueblo River. We pay to have the lawn mowed, but we seldom use the area. We'd like to create terraces instead, with one 12 x 12' brick area for a lawn swing and chairs. Is there a ground cover we could use that will take some foot traffic and won't cost much for water and maintenance?

How to Choose the Best Soundproof Windows

I recently moved into an older home on a busy Pueblo street. The only thing I don't love about it is the constant noise! I know I need soundproof windows - but I don't know where to begin my search. What should I look for when I go shopping for windows?

Alternative Roofing Materials for My Screened Sunroom?

The rubberized canvas roof of my Pueblo, CO, screened sunroom is worn out and also greatly darkens my dining room and kitchen. A replacement from the sunroom manufacturer costs over $4,000. What replacement material would let in light, be easy to install, and hopefully cost less?

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